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Here at Wolf Architects, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. We are an international practice based in Melbourne, Australia. As one of the leading firms in the country, we make it a point to improve the lives of our clients by providing well-thought out designs that are both practical and stunning.

From small, low-cost houses to high-rise commercial and residential designs, there is no project too big or small for us. We pride ourselves on our solid reputation of delivering top-quality and innovative designs solutions that meet building standards but also surpass expectations. Our team of professional architects and interior designers all have years of experience in the industry and are among the best out there.

Call us today on +613 9807 1586 to make an appointment and find out for yourself why you can’t go wrong with Wolf.

Armadale has beautiful landscaped parks & gardens, shops and restaurants. It is also known for its great schools and is in close proximity with private schools such as Lauriston Girls’ School. As such there is no doubt that this is amongst the best suburbs in Melbourne and such a location deserves Melbourne’s best architects and interior designers.  Over capitalizing is rarely a concern for affluent suburbs however it is still important to have experienced architects who can get the most out of your investment. Wolf Architects have worked extensively for many years in the Stonington district and is renowned for its contemporary high end luxury houses

This beautiful historic beach-side suburb located in the south-east of Melbourne is flush with grand homes and land and offer you superb historical glimpses of old residencies  and churches. Brighton is the perfect area to build a home and Wolf Architects have experience in dream build homes in the Bay side area. Many of Beach side home designed by Wolf Architects are exceptional in their ability to maximise the sites potential with views and orientation.

Camberwell being located at just 10km east of Melbourne’s CBD, is a fabulous rich suburb with shops, restaurants and beautiful parks to relax. Many of Melbourne’s best modern contemporary houses can be found in Camberwell and many of them have been designed by Award winning architects Wolf Architects. Architecturally designed homes in Camberwell are not only luxurious but energy efficient timeless

Canterbury, a popular suburb of Melbourne that hosts politicians and well known business leaders in Australia, is an iconic venue for a beautiful home, surrounded by oak trees and greenery. Home owners in such affluent locations will invest heavily into both architectural and interior designs. With block sizes often being generous there is also much opportunity for well designed landscapes. Wolf Architects offers both Architectural, interior, and landscape design as an integral part of their services. An all in one and all encompassing approach is rare amongst design practices and sets WOLD Architects well apart from its competitors.

This part of Melbourne is located at the margin of the CBD, with just a walking distance away from the centre. Carlton is a historic area of Melbourne with a wonderful choice of restaurants and shops. This elegant suburb welcomes class and style whilst giving opportunities to people to live well and prosper.  Most of Carlton has heritage overlays and will require experienced architects for any building works. Wolf Architects has a long a rich history with renovations and is accustomed to working on particularly difficult and stringent heritage protected properties. The costs of renovations can also be higher than expected and Wolf Architects can guide its clients towards the most sensible choices that allow for the most value.

Hawthorn, the home of the local Hawthorn Football Club, is 6km away from the CBD. This area provides a good lifestyle with schools, shops, restaurants and recreational places. This neighbourhood is also rich in architecture dating back to 1880’s, an ideal place to design a home surrounded by the historical fabric of this area. Like many of Melbourne older suburbs it has many heritage overlays and homes in this area will often require architects with expensive experience in town planning and dealing with heritage protected properties. Getting the most out of every cubic inch is equally important and a practice like WOLF Architects can be beneficial as they have much experience though their international offices and projects.

This south-east suburb of Melbourne is an attraction for all-age people, its shops making it an exclusive area to market products. This location close to public transport and recreational areas would make a fabulous place to live. People wanting to build a modern home in Malvern will often seek out the best Melbourne architects. Being amongst the best Wolf Architects has catered to many clients in Malvern to create architectural masterpieces that have merit on an international level.

Melbourne East was one of the first suburbs of Melbourne, dating back to 1837. This place is famous for its traditional landmarks and public buildings. Fitzroy and Treasury Gardens are exceptional parks for recreation.  A good block of land in this suburb is rare and highly sought after so when found it is almost certain that an architectural masterpiece is conceived. Wolf architects are amongst the top practices in Melbourne and having cemented its position in the industry as the dream home specialists are often the first choice for architects in Melbourne most sought after build locations

Richmond is situated at the south east border of CBD. This famous district for sport is a great place for activities and celebratory events, an area with great architectural icons. The area is still relatively mixed with commercial industrial and residential all closely linked together. The architectural expression of the area is thus eclectic and can be very interesting. However the block sizes in Richmond tend to be small despite its high values. Thus it is very important to use architects who are clever with space. Wolf Architects have much experience with the City of Yarra council and have worked on projects in Richmond for almost 20 years. They know how to get the most out of space and have been responsible for many dream build homes.

South Yarra is a fantastic location for shopping, restaurants, a good culture and lifestyle. The Royal Botanic Gardens which is part of the suburb is a beautiful landscape to be enjoyed. Being one of the most affluent areas of Melbourne and with relatively tight block sizes it very important to use only the best Melbourne architects. Wolf Architects have much experience in south Yarra and can maximise the potential of tight blocks which in turn maximises the value of the property.  Interior design for smaller blocks becomes very important and this is another benefit to working with Wolf Architects where interior design is an important integrated part of their services and design process.

Toorak is just 5km away from CBD. This suburb has kept its reputation as one of the most esteemed places in Melbourne .This location has become a favourite home place from the 1890’s onwards.  Some of Wolf Architects first projects were in Toorak and they still stand firm today as timeless works of art. When considered as the best suburb in Melbourne it only makes sense for house in this area to benefit from Melbourne best award winning architects. Clients using Wolf Architects feel confident that they are getting the best possible product with design, service and innovation