These stairs gently ascend to the top level in an abstract figure eight. Eight being a very auspicious Chinese number. Architect designed stairs are more than just steps!
Natural light flowing through the staircase creates a space which is more than just a transitional space between rooms.
These stairs made from a sheet of folded steel is a functional piece of sculpture that ascends the void to the upper level.
A window at the landing provides connectivity between the circulation space of the stair well and the adjacent room separated by a wall of vintage Star Wars action figures.
It’s always nice to have a dining room that can open up to a courtyard or garden space. In this case the space is connected to the pool with fantastic 180 degree views of the nature reserve.
This carefully conceived staircase gently ascends up to the rooftop studio with a ramp like inclination. Together with an open void space it forms part of the vertical corridor through the centre of the house. Views to several spaces from these stairs demonstrate the connectivity of the house.
The build quality of WOLF designed stairs must be to the highest standards like a finely crafted piece of furniture or musical instrument. The way they feel, sound and function is affected by how well they are constructed.
WOLF designed homes are intended to be felt with your feet. By varying the materials as illustrated in these stairs we also vary the temperatures and textures experienced. Stair lighting is also a must for safety and we love to find new and innovative ways to illuminate our stairs.
These stairs are framed by the overhead structure. The dark background wall and the polished concrete pathway leading up to it. One has a very ceremonial experience when they approach or descend from these stairs. Above this space is an overhanging reading room.
Creating interesting stair experiences requires a good understanding of geometry, structure and the ability to visualize 3-dimensional circulation. Furthermore, we must comply with stringent safety requirements and building codes.
People rarely run up or down an architecturally designed staircase by WOLF ARCHITECTS. They are designed to be experienced slowly and as such do not always have obvious handrails.
On so many levels from form, arrangement of spaces and use of natural light and materiality a WOLF house works like a well honed and finely crafted instrument.
This hand rail responds to how one moves through the stair void. The way it circulates and feels under your hand forms part of the journey through the stair room.
Stairs can often be great architectural dares that entice you to explore what is beyond.
Level changes within a home are commonly seen in WOLF designed houses. Sometimes they are necessary in dealing with sloping blocks. In other situations they help to define different spaces and can be art pieces in themselves.
Staircases are not only a means to get from one level to another, great design allows them to be a focal point in the home.
Furnishings and interior decorating are all important aspects that contribute to how a space is animated.

Stair Room Design

We call them stair rooms. A fantastic space and experience that you can feel with your feet. A slow journey that entices the user to look around and take in the details or views. At the same time they must be beautiful and practical. Many of our homes have an Asian influence and culturally this means that shoes are not worn within the homes. Essentially our homes are ones which you can also feel and sense with your feet. This sensation is always heightened as you move through a stair room. The materials underneath your feet need to feel good. We consider their textures, density, temperatures and even the sounds they make.

Furthermore a staircase is an opportunity to create a sculptural element within the house. So apart from being functional they also serve as a visually striking feature. We ask ourselves if children can safely play in our stair rooms and if they evoke a sense of mystery and adventure?

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