Do you want light filled spaces,voids and sculptural forms?

Our stairs are more than just a series of steps.

We call them Stair rooms. A fantastic space and experience that you can feel with your feet. A slow journey that entices the user to look around and take in the details or views. At the same time they must be beautiful and practical. Many of our homes have an Asian influence and culturally this means that shoes are not worn within the homes. Essentially our homes are ones which you can also feel and sense with your feet. This sensation is always heightened as you move through a stair room. The materials underneath your feet need to feel good. We consider their textures, density, temperatures and even the sounds they make.

Furthermore a staircase is an opportunity to create a sculptural element within the house. so apart from being functional they also serve as a visually striking feature. We ask ourselves if children can safely play in our stair rooms and if they evoke a sense of mystery and adventure?

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