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Taras Wolf was only 17 when he completed his high school studies and very eager for his formal architectural training at the University of Melbourne to begin. As a University student Taras had only one purpose and that was to achieve excellence in everything he did. His work ethic was very simple; live, eat and breath architecture. With this mindset the work set out by the university was far too basic for one whom had spent the last decade cultivating all skills necessary for architecture. While most uni kids ventured the pubs and clubs of Melbourne on the weekends, young Taras preferred to set himself further tasks and assignments to those in his course. This explains why his University portfolio was mostly made up of self driven and assigned work. The now famous 22 man challenge was a result of this period of refining. Taras frequently tested himself with increasingly detailed and precise drawings and models that looked as though manufactured by machines. Always topping the class in design with sharp eyes and being good with his hands, our Mr Wolf was well on his way to being a master craftsman. The Wolf Standard as we know it today was not a result of talent but rather a result of passion, hard work and a desire to always be better and never satisfied.



4B – Skill & Craftsmanship

This was a one point perspective illustration hand drawn with Rotring ink pens around 1989 and partially coloured with coloured pencils. It depicts an elaborate studio for a Keyboard musician (Synthesizers remain one of Taras’s many interests). This drawing was one of many self assigned fantasy challenge projects.


Click here for the 22 man challenge. 



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