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Architecture for cars and car enthusiasts!

Yes…it actually exists! At Wolf Architects we are guilty of loving our cars a little too much. The 1968 Mercedes 280SL Pagoda (shown in this image) has been illustrated in our design drawings in almost every project since the firm first opened. This classic SL has become synonymous with our work and actually lives in our office like a team member. It reminds us of how important cars are in present day society and that we need to create designs that are considerate to them. We need to respect their needs and not shut them away as an afterthought. Have you ever opened your car door into a wall or another car? Do you struggle to move your cars out of a tight space? Do you nervously reverse in or out of your house with poor visibility? Does your car leave irremovable nasty stains on the driveway or garage floor? Can you wash your car at home in such a way that it is pleasant, warm and water efficient? Does your car fit in and look at home or is it more like a bad piece of furniture? At Wolf architects we answer all these questions.  The space in this image is where our Classic Mercedes get lovingly washed.



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