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About Taras Wolf

Taras Wolf is an award winning architect known for designing modern contemporary homes that are completely customised to his customers needs. Taras designs complete homes from the architecture and interiors to the landscape design, using sustainable design elements.

Nothing But The Best

The Wolf sign is now up and looking fabulous thanks to Avatar Power Services, the best electricians in Melbourne! The sleek, Wolf-like sign was designed in house by the team at Wolf Architects and like [...]

Nothing But The Best2017-12-12T11:52:27+10:00

Purposeful Design

The Pretzel Stand If you've been to the Wolf Headquarters you will know that presentation is of great importance; from our workplace, to our drawings and even the snacks and refreshments provided to our guests. [...]

Purposeful Design2017-12-20T14:53:50+10:00