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About Taras Wolf

Taras Wolf is an award winning architect known for designing modern contemporary homes that are completely customised to his customers needs. Taras designs complete homes from the architecture and interiors to the landscape design, using sustainable design elements.

Afternoon Fun

Keep Calm & Squash On.... A good work-life balance is an important part of really performing at your best and being part of the WOLF Pack means always bringing your A-Game. Our team works very [...]

Afternoon Fun2017-12-20T15:24:29+11:00

Goodbye & Good Luck

Last week we said goodbye to our interns as their stay with us once again came to an end. Back in 2014 the pair from Thailand did their first internship with WOLF Architects and [...]

Goodbye & Good Luck2017-12-20T15:50:15+11:00

The Third Edition

The much anticipated arrival of the third WOLF Architecture Book is finally here! Featuring some of our most recent works along with some of our classics the third book is packed full of breathtaking images and is certainly the thickest [...]

The Third Edition2017-12-20T15:54:56+11:00

ArchiTeam Profile

Have you seen our profile on ArchiTeam? If you haven't already seen this week's newsletter, we were very pleased to see that WOLF Architects was listed in ArchiTeam's June Datum as a featured member! ArchiTeam's new website is [...]

ArchiTeam Profile2017-12-20T15:58:39+11:00