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About Wolf Team

Passionate members of the WOLF Architects design team. Highly trained at the best design schools, each member has a very high set of personal design standards.

Rising Stars

Rising Stars As 2022 closes, the cycle of dreaming, designing and building continues at WOLF. Dynamic design, town planning and council applications, interior design finesse through to the final [...]

Rising Stars2022-12-23T16:21:12+11:00

Courtyard Tips

Courtyard Tips A courtyard is more than an enclosed space, open to the elements whereby you can fit a few plants. This may have bred the misconception that they [...]

Courtyard Tips2022-08-29T13:32:55+10:00

To Sketch is to Design

To Sketch is to Design Over the last few decades technology has replaced so many things within architectural practice. Rotring pens, T-squares, drafting boards, lightboxes and blueprinting have all [...]

To Sketch is to Design2022-08-29T12:31:05+10:00

Set in Concrete

Set in Concrete This latest book on CONCRETE HOUSES examines the endless possibilities of form-making through concrete. WOLF Architects is honored to be featured alongside other A-List Architects from [...]

Set in Concrete2022-08-29T12:37:42+10:00

The Beginning of Joy

Falling In Love from the Beginning Architecture is a lengthy process in every regard. From the education and training of an architect to the process of designing and preparing a dream home [...]

The Beginning of Joy2022-08-29T12:33:10+10:00