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About Wolf Team

Passionate members of the WOLF Architects design team. Highly trained at the best design schools, each member has a very high set of personal design standards.

An office at home

The Home office. The home office is becoming increasingly popular at a time when so much of our work can be done online. At Wolf Architects we have noticed this trend with [...]

An office at home2018-09-14T17:41:00+11:00

Wolf Wellness

Wolf Wellness. Air. Natural light. Reverberations. Temperature. All are crucial ingredients to creating space that encourages and enhances wellness. History has taught us that our built environment can negatively impact our health- lead [...]

Wolf Wellness2018-09-05T14:26:03+11:00

Down Pipes

The art of the ugly downpipe. Downpipes- not something one would wish to discuss. Yet the threat of a serious downpour of rain in Melbourne last December sent many onto their [...]

Down Pipes2019-06-27T11:53:18+11:00

Wolf interior design

Living from the inside out. In depth knowledge and expertise in interior design is paramount to creating the perfect home, which is why we have integrated interior design into our architectural [...]

Wolf interior design2018-09-05T13:25:52+11:00

Imitation Architecture

Why it is impossible to replicate Wolf Architecture. What an Architect delivers is like a tailor-made Italian suit. There’s nothing better than a tailor-made suit but it’s hard to convince [...]

Imitation Architecture2018-09-05T13:40:42+11:00

Feng Shui

Are you a believer? Feng Shui is a Chinese metaphysical and philosophical system that seeks to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment. It is influential in much Asian architecture. [...]

Feng Shui2018-09-05T13:29:20+11:00

Beginning and ending

One project begins as another comes to an end. It is always exciting to see another project nearing completion. This is the case with our Heathmont sustainable dream home project. We [...]

Beginning and ending2018-09-05T13:27:12+11:00