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Award Winning Architects Melbourne

WOLF Architects is a multi-award winning architectural practice based in Melbourne, Australia. The practice has earned a reputation as one of the best residential architects in Australia, with a focus on contemporary residential architecture and interior design. The team of highly experienced architects and interior designers at WOLF Architects are dedicated to delivering exceptional designs that are beautiful, yet functional.

At WOLF Architects, the Intelligent Design Management (IDM) process is the cornerstone of our approach to contemporary architecture. IDM is a systematic and coherent approach to architecture that ensures economically viable concepts, exceptional design integrity, efficiency, longevity and a vast array of customised house design details that enhance living. This approach has earned the practice numerous awards and recognition in both international and Australian books, magazines and television programs.

The WOLF style is unique and inspiring, characterised by a blend of artistry and practicality. Each house design is conceived as a unique one-off masterpiece, with character, personality and a story to tell. The practice’s dream home specialists achieve maximum value with financial investments, space efficiency and quality living. Interior and landscaping considerations are an integral part of our service and are done in-house from the onset.

WOLF Architects has earned a reputation as the architect of choice for luxury and celebrity home designs. In 2016, the practice became the architects of choice for Australian celebrity Janine Allis, creating a luxurious residence that is both contemporary and timeless. Despite difficult site conditions, stringent regulatory requirements, strict budgets and tight deadlines, the WOLF team overcame all challenges to deliver a dream home that surpassed all expectations.

The practice’s commitment to delivering exceptional design has earned them numerous awards, including Best Custom Design House in Victoria by the Housing Industry Association, Australia’s largest residential building organisation. WOLF Architects is a truly international architectural practice, with clients benefitting from a multicultural team of commercial and residential architects with worldly knowledge and experience.

Call us today on +613 9807 1586 to make an appointment to design your dream Melbourne home.

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