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Wolf Architects in India

Palace of Assembly in Chandigarh, India Exploring new possibilities. The advantage of a multicultural team is in its ability to think globally and take advantage of opportunities wherever they may be on this [...]

Wolf Architects in India2018-10-26T16:43:47+10:00

Social Media

A picture tells a thousand words. Social media platforms like Facebook, linkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat have us chasing a never ending stream of information. With the act of sending out our weekly [...]

Social Media2018-10-05T11:04:19+10:00

Wolf Wellness

Wolf Wellness. Air. Natural light. Reverberations. Temperature. All are crucial ingredients to creating space that encourages and enhances wellness. History has taught us that our built environment can negatively impact our health- lead [...]

Wolf Wellness2018-09-05T14:26:03+10:00

A Space for Your Car

The Vehicle or the Horse? The car is an evolutionary step up from the horse. Before cars came along, some valued their horses more than just as a mode of transport, [...]

A Space for Your Car2018-08-03T18:23:17+10:00

What’s in the box?

What's in the box? Every now and then we find something a little out of the norm. In this case we have a rather old looking box isolated 9 meters above natural ground level. [...]

What’s in the box?2018-07-27T10:47:20+10:00

FIFA World Cup 2018

Go Socceroos! Every four years people from all over the world gather to watch one of the biggest international sporting events. For some people that big event is the Olympics for others it’s the [...]

FIFA World Cup 20182018-07-13T16:36:07+10:00