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The common assumption is that architectural fees are 10% of the construction cost. This is merely a guide, however, and exactly what is included in the 10% varies greatly. A client requiring a design concept only will understandably pay far less than one wanting full design services with all the trimmings. Regardless of the detail of service, to consider a 10-20% investment into your largest and most emotionally charged asset, your home, is really a small fee to achieve peace of mind and a quality home that lasts a lifetime. WOLF ARCHITECTS is on a par with the best and our fees reflect our professionalism and quality of work. We represent exceptional value for services that can seamlessly integrate interior and landscape design. For projects under $5 million, we are able to provide a lump-sum fee based on agreed services, provided the client provides accurate information and has realistic ambitions. This removes the arbitrary percentage value that might make clients assume that architects have an incentive to increase costs.