Pigma pens

Pigma pens

Tools of our trade.

Drawing on many years of experience and lots of trial and error, the pens of choice for the WOLF Architects team are the Sakura Pigma pens. Taras Wolf has been using these Pigma pens since he was 10. Whilst other pens have come and gone, the Pigma pens have remained a staple in his drawing toolkit.

An inexpensive drafting tool created in the eighties, these pens are great quality. They use pigment based inks with a molecular structure that provides chemical stability for waterproofness, and fade-resistance. The WOLF Architects staff enjoy the smooth and exact flow of the pens, with no skips or stop along the page. Because the Pigma pens micro pigment particles don’t penetrate the paper, the lines that these pens produce are crisp with no bleeding allowing us to create more precise drawings. The large range of sizes means that these pens can also be used to create drawings that have layering and depth.

Taras has one of his original pens from the 1980’s and it still works well. The design of the new pens is the same as the original, it is only the graphics of the logo that have changed. It is a confirmation that good design lasts for decades.

We think that these pens are a great choice for any architect or artist as they are reliable and they won’t break the bank. WOLF Architects can rest assured that the drawings that we create with Pigma pens today will stand out just as brightly many years into the future.

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