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Project Description

Architecture is indeed both an art and a science but it’s not easy to find a balance between the two. Dealing with stringent time-frames, construction budgets, regulations and environmental concerns can often result in buildings that lack artistry. That is why the team at WOLF ARCHITECTS is encouraged to look beyond the structure to design finer things including lights, bath-ware and furniture. We regularly conduct workshops for our team members to stretch their creative minds via paintings, sculptures and graphic designs.

Each year the team works together to create at least one piece of art, be it sculpture or furniture. This is then either donated, given away as a gift, or sold with all proceeds going to charity.

The WOLF team is encouraged to be curious and to understand that designing is about making choices. This makes the team at WOLF ARCHITECTS proficient at putting art back into architecture and bringing balance to our designs. From door handles to large cities, WOLF ARCHITECTS can assist. There is no detail too small or idea that is too big. Anything can benefit from the WOLF design process. That is why our portfolio extends beyond buildings and into art, sculpture, furniture, photography and even dance.

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