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Project Description


The Car Parts Factory project is both a playful and monumental update to a sentimental 1930’s commercial building. The result is a comfortable workplace that not only appeals to the eye but serves it’s purpose in the business industrial field.



2,500 m² Building

The Final Revelation..

Located in an industrial precinct in California this project was in fact a renovation of an existing 1930’s factory that had already been renovated and extended once during the mid 80’s. Three decades later computer technology and robotics had significantly improved such that it was deemed necessary for a 3rd make over. Whilst it may have been more cost effective to start over from scratch, the original timbers, floors and concrete shell was considered to have much aesthetic appeal, character and history which had sentimental value to the owners of the factory.

Natural lighting was of high importance for the office spaces and so an additional half story was added as a form of clerestory window level. A major element of the brief was consideration toward the privacy of the work taking place inside, thus the clerestory window level was made opaque with all windows being operable to promote natural ventilation. The ground level is made up mostly of opaque glass sliding panels, this allows the internal spaces to be completely  opened on the ground floor looking out over  the well landscaped grounds of the precinct.

As this building is in operation 24 hours a day the brief required for some of the spaces to have a homely feel and this was one of the main reasons why WOLF ARCHITECTS was chosen for this project. The practice’s experience and reputation as dream home specialists allowed for a building that would normally look purely industrial to stand out like a work of art. The offices and reception spaces in particular are very warm and comfortable, comparable to many of the luxury contemporary residences WOLF ARCHITECTS are renowned for.

“A great blend of proportion, tone    and texture…”

The resulting building is one that exudes a playful character from all aspects. Externally it has a lot of presence that is both monumental and delicate at the same time due to a clever mix of hard and soft material tones and textures.


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