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Project Description


InnerTime is a place carefully curated by Mr Wolf himself to showcase the act of dancing as a masterpiece. It is a space where movement is encouraged by the architecture, and proportion is considered to create balance and motion.


Size: 20 Squares (185.80 Square Meters)
3 Car Spaces

The Journey to INNERTIME … 

Occupying the ground floor of an office building, the space was a renovation of an office area. While the building was in a great location, access into the studio area itself was very difficult. The design quickly became about the journey from the street to inside and what happened beyond.

After experiencing a trajectory of corridors and interstitial spaces, you emerge through a narrow entry and are placed right in the centre of the main dance space. It was in this space that you experienced space, light and floor – Mr Wolf’s formula for the perfect backdrop for the act of dancing.

The Golden Ratio, which is often regarded as the most beautiful proportions in nature, was used to determine the size of the columns, the spacing between them, the positioning of the skylights and everything else put into the space. Being a minimalist space, the columns created a rhythm encouraging the dancer to get into the space and move. It was important in creating a sort of energy that could be felt by the dancer.

This area was also the first room in Thailand to have a sprung floor system. As the studio was situated by a river, it had to resist moisture and termite infestation. Thus, Mr Wolf had to come up with an entirely new system that worked. It is a true early example of Mr Wolf being innovative and is a quality that is still pushed in the practice today.

Adjacent to the dance floor, Mr Wolf was intrigued by the idea of creating a water pool – the idea of having something calming and adding a sense of stillness. This ended up serving as a lap pool.

A Space of Great Proportions..

The Beginning of WOLF… 

Located by a river in Bangkok, INNERTIME was the first project Director Taras Wolf created purely for himself. Its conception began before WOLF Architects as a firm even existed, however the ideas that were put into it were explored in-depth through Mr Wolf’s years at university.

Influenced heavily by ancient architecture, Mr Wolf was constantly exploring proportion, not just of the built, but the human body and everyday objects. Further to this, exploring the work of minimalist architect John Pawson, he was realised that through the approach of minimalistic aesthetics, clean proportions were distinguished. Mr Wolf found that with all these concepts, INNERTIME had the potential be a dance studio of great architectural significance.

The Strive for Perfection…

Great lengths were taken to ensure everything in this space was seamless. Mr Wolf even took the time to manually sort the flooring panels into Grade A and Grade B planks. When the floor was eventually laid, the entire area seemed to have a seamless flow of grain. Before erecting the panels of mirrors along the back wall, the wall behind them was painted black along where the joints would run. This ensured that even through the silicone, no wall would be seen.

As a minimal approach was taken, there were no skirting boards. All switches, door handles, air vents and hinges were concealed. It must also be noted that when everything is hidden, there must be no reason for it to break or deteriorate over time. Fixing something may mean having to remove a wall or floor to access it. For this reason, every piece of construction had to be executed with utmost care and consideration. At certain stages, Mr Wolf took turns between himself and members of the WOLF team of designers to execute certain stages as the eye of an architect is trained to achieve perfection, and nothing less than perfection was acceptable for INNERTIME.


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