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Project Description

We spend more time in these spaces than we realise. Preparing food, cooking, or brushing your teeth should be enjoyable since we dedicate so much time to these daily activities. Why not design spaces that encourage drama and theatrics inspired by the art of everyday living?

A well designed bathroom can rejuvenate one’s soul with every visit. A WOLF designed bathroom is both literally and physiologically refreshing. At WOLF ARCHITECTS we celebrate the act of bathing and are always looking at ways to open bathrooms up to other spaces such as the bedroom or views to the outdoors.

The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of a home and like a control tower can potentially be a space from which all other areas of your home can be surveyed. WOLF designed kitchens are more than just functional spaces that are hygienic and easy to clean. They are a stage upon which to perform the art of cooking, and when not in use may often present as a sculptural work of Art. Our clients love the fact that they can look and feel great while they cook comfortably in beautiful spaces that are also hygienic, easy to clean and 100% functional.

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