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Project Description


This Toorak apartment completed in 1994 was Taras Wolf’s very first built work in Australia. Purchased off the plan the top floor of a 4 level apartment building was a clean slate for Mr Wolf to create a minimalist master piece. Although very young at the time Mr Wolf was already highly skilled having done his internship and worked under the Mentor-ship of renowned Australian Architect Karl Fender, this project was an opportunity to apply his knowledge and experience with fine contemporary detailing.


Size:  25 Squares (232 Square Meters)
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
2 Living Spaces
1 Car Space

“A Space ahead of Time & Trend…”

Minimalism was still a relatively unknown style of architecture at that time and the only other architect pioneering the style was British architect John Pawson. This project however was more than just the elimination of cornices, skirting boards, architraves and other reductive detailing. The spaces were also about being proportionate and responding to how the natural light fell upon its neutral surfaces. The users should also experience mystery and curiosity from the moment you arrived to the moment you left. How one moved through the rooms and experienced the surfaces and spaces were very important towards creating a home that felt spiritual and meditative. Those would be design qualities that would be considered universal in Wolf Architects’ approach.

“Minimal, light filled living..”

Further to creating light filled minimal spaces there were many customised details, fixtures and fittings including door handles, wall lamps and vanity basins. The powder room basin is a polished stainless steel bowl supported purely by the P-trap which extends from the full length mirrored wall extending right up into the skylight above. That level of design required extreme precision in build and Mr. Wolf was on site almost daily during the contract administration phase to ensure perfect construction. Being his very first Melbourne project he was extremely cautious to get it right. The Travertine floor tiles for example were all cut from one large slab and then carefully numbered for placement so
that the grain of the natural stone married up to look as one large piece once in place.

“True customisation with a result that is timeless..”

The final result was a timeless one off masterpiece of interior architecture. The walls themselves were works of art and complimented the client’s collection of antiques.

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