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Project Description

Uplifting environments require a mastery of space and light. At Wolf Architects, we feel compelled to follow the light with our designs. We study the way light moves during the day, throughout the year and the shadows it produces. Our rooms have great ambience in the day time because they usually receive light from more than one direction. Have you ever found it annoying that you can’t see the TV screen clearly due to sunlight reflections, or perhaps your favourite piece of furniture or flooring has faded from the harsh sunlight? Are you wasting electricity because you still need to turn on lights during the day? Our understanding of lighting and interior design avoids such problems.

Creating such uplifting, light filled homes is possible with a combination of knowledge and experience. The light in Thailand, for example, is different from the light in Melbourne, Australia. The light’s intensity, direction, and even color will affect the way a space feels. It’s also about understanding shadows, reflections and how they contribute to a space. WOLF ARCHITECTS is light sensitive and fully appreciates its importance in architecture.

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