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Project Description


Deceptively this project was a renovation of a 1970’s building that was predominantly used as a car park. The decision to renovate rather than build new was made in order to overcome planning restrictions. The building’s existing concrete shell of the building was both an asset and a challenge at the same time. Wolf Architects overcame the challenges in relation to planning by carefully studying the overall structural grid and formulating a modular arrangement of spaces and external forms to make use of the buildings existing sound structure. While the building is large it was difficult to create large, expansive spaces do to the number of concrete support columns throughout.


4 x Management Offices
4 x Shared Studio Spaces
4 x Meeting Rooms
1 x Board Room
Shared Bathroom Facilities Shared Kitchen Facilities
Outdoor Seating Area / Reception & Waiting Area

“A challenging transformation that turned a used space into a thriving environment…”

The biggest challenge with the design of this project was the lower internal heights which were typical of a car park. The solution was to cut the concrete floors and ceilings in certain areas to achieve higher ceilings and tall open spaces carefully without compromising the old structure. Most of the internal ramps were removed where possible and the services were retained and exposed.

The office was designed for a local advertising agency with a team of up to 500 employees. The brief requested for client meetings and art production to coexist side by side so that the one activity can be inspired by the other.  An artist might be painting a poster design while clients in an adjacent space discuss how the artworks are to be used in an advertising campaign.

“Chaotic Efficiency; -The result of clever articulation between the old and the new…”

The resulting building is quite industrial in appearance with the combination of rustic old materials and new polished surfaces. Creativity  in Architectural design enhances creativity in the building’s users and that more than made up for the renovation costs which almost outweighed starting over from scratch. While the internal spaces in some areas appear random and chaotic, this was intentional and is entirely efficient.

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