Frosted Glass House


The frosted house is an expression of peace and privacy.

The clients wanted an architectural statement that at the same time could remain relatively unnoticed, an ironic contradiction that made for a very interesting design brief.

Project Information

Size: 75 Squares (696.77 Square Meters)
6 Bedrooms • 4 Bathrooms
3 Living Spaces • 10 Car Spaces

The clients were drawn to WOLF ARCHITECTS for our expertise in creating light filled spaces. To meet most of the main brief requirements the house was designed as a long, rectangular glass box with a delicate timber plinth which allowed the internal spaces to achieve maximum natural light. As privacy was one of the main requirements of the project, opaque glass was specified for almost all windows. The appearance of the opaque glass helps to hide dirt or streak marks which reduces the level of maintenance normally required with a building clad in glass.

“ Secluded from the outside world yet flooded with natural sunlight…”

Within the house there are a few private open spaces, each with tropical courtyards that the house opens on to. Selected courtyards were designed so that a car is able to be driven into the space allowing the client to showcase their car collection amongst the landscape.

The upper floor draws attention to the interior as the design of the frosted glass box like structure floods the main internal spaces with diffused light. Skylights were carefully placed throughout the design of the roof to fill the internal spaces with natural light, whilst at the same time providing views to the sky and a connection to the outside.

“ Consciously hidden but naturally connected…”

Located about an hour drive out of Bangkok city the house is situated in a semi-industrial area between mixed architectural styles. Unusually, the site backs on to a reserve which is quite rare for Bangkok however was a positive factor to the site’s location.

The driveway is a relatively dominating feature off the street side. This was necessary to ensure that access with cars was easy as the owners have a very special collection of classic cars. The wide driveway leads into a generous carport for guests to park their cars, from which you can enter the residences’ 8 car garage through an operable glass tilt up door.

“ It’s the finest details that make the greatest impact!…”

“ An understated presence driven by clever articulation…”

As privacy was of utmost importance the street facing of the side remains relatively muted with just a thin row of windows over the driveway entry for a visible connection and security to the street. The idea was to have a house you could drive past without noticing it, yet be full of presence were you to pause and take a good look. The repetition of opaque glass panels and its simplicity of form help with achieving this effect. From the street side the house has a slight commercial feel which works well the industrial looking properties surrounding. In contrast the other side of the home opens up with more windows and softer timber finishes.

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