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Project Description


The WOLF Design Centre was a collaboration with a property developer in Bangkok to create a multi-purpose commercial compound for designers of different industries to work both together and separately from the same site.


2 x Private Work/Office Spaces
2 x Shared Studio Spaces
2 x Meeting Rooms
Shared Bathroom Facilities / Shared Kitchen Facilities
Outdoor Seating Area / Reception & Waiting Area

The challenge with this project was to fit the entire program of required spaces onto a relatively small site. Further, planning codes in the area did not permit a building height higher than three levels, thus a generous basement level was integral to the design in order to accommodate several studio spaces. In Bangkok basements are not common and due to being in a flood prone area the design and structure involved extensive and careful engineering.

“ Careful consideration to form, function, context & sustainability… ”

As environmentally conscious developers, the client demanded that the use of only local materials was imperative and that there was to be a strong focus of recyclability as a key component to the projects design philosophy.  In respect of this, a commonly used Thai red brick was the building’s predominant exterior feature material and was used throughout. The brick selected was nick-named “Lang Deang” which translates as “Strong Red” and was particularly appropriate as it was fired in a nearby factory and is made using only local clays. Lang Deang is synonymous with Thai urban Architecture from the 70’s and 80’s of which the buildings styling was influenced by. Concrete and steel structural elements and trimmings were used to frame the red brick, tying together the buildings appearance externally.

“ Collaborative Excellence….  ”

Internally the spaces are very open and flexible with plenty of natural light pouring in from double heighted windows and voids. Good quality, solid finishes were used throughout with the intention for the spaces to be robust and timeless. The ground floor is dominated by polished concrete flooring and features green and blue glass of recycled beverage bottles. The upper floors make use of recycled teak as flooring and were finished with a dark stain.

The result of this project was a sustainable and breath taking development that at the same time remained relatively unassuming. Externally the material palette works successfully with the local context.

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