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Project Description


This project was collaboration between Wolf Architects and a Los Angeles based practice.

The brief required for WOLF Architects to bring quality living and architecture to rapidly changing suburban sites established in the 70s.


5 x Two Bedroom Apartments
3 x Three Bedroom Apartments
2 x Penthouses
Resident Parking / Swimming Pool / Shared Open Space

Extensive re-zoning of the area in which the site is located allowed this multi-storey complex to come to life. The most challenging aspect the project was how to design the structure in a way that the new building would still respect the pre-existing single dwelling homes surrounding.

As a basement was not feasible the ground floor was built up on a podium level to accommodate parking for residents without taking away from green open spaces around the building. The implementation of this particular design had many benefits on the project including an outdoor swimming pool.

“Uplifting, light filled spaces..”

The building comprises of 10 apartments with a combination of 5 x two bedroom apartments, 3 x three bedroom apartments and two double storey penthouses. The two penthouses lock into one another like a jigsaw, allowing both apartments to have almost 360 degree views of the surrounds taking advantage of the elevated position.

The project had a strict budget, therefore it was important that the apartments themselves were not overly appointed with too many luxury fittings, fixtures and finishes. Instead, they were cleverly and tastefully selected so that they would adhere to the budget restrictions but still look and feel like a quality product. More emphasis was given to the quality of space with an abundance of natural light. While this is never easy when trying to create as many apartments as possible, WOLF ARCHITECTS were able to ensure that all spaces including the Kitchens and bathrooms benefited from both natural light and ventilation.

The building’s form reads almost as a cube with a ribbon wrapped around the perimeter. This creates the interesting shape and character whilst softening the bulk in order to minimize imposition on the existing surroundings. The external colors were carefully selected so that the charcoal grey exterior would contrast with the white inner structure, creating a glowing effect when illuminated after the sun goes down.

“ Modernism that    intrigues & harmonises..  ”

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