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WOLF ARCHITECTS is a highly desired place to work and our multicultural, social and ethical attitude contributes to a superb working environment. With many applicants eager to express their interest to work within our practice we are very selective about who joins us. Each member of the WOLF team is hand selected and forms an integral part of the practice. Our team operates like a small practice in an open studio environment. The crossing of information amongst a team of Melbourne’s best minds promotes the high standards the practice has become recognized for.

How do I know if I can work at WOLF ARCHITECTS?
Admission into the practice requires successful completion of a 6 part process.

  1. Read the general attributes of being a part of the WOLF Team.
  2. Check the section on job positions available
  3. Send in a CV and portfolio with any specific information required as outlined in the job description.
  4. Candidates may be required to provide additional specific information or answer a questionnaire before being granted an interview.
  5. After all interviews have been completed suitable candidates will proceed to a Final Review by Directors.
  6. Prior to being offered a position potential employees will be required to demonstrate, through a series of tests in our office, the skills that they have stated on their CV.

1. Attributes we look for in a WOLF designer include attitude, skills and good knowledge.


At Wolf Architects, we work as a team and everyone is expected to contribute. From emptying the bins to inspecting construction sites there should be no task deemed beneath a WOLF team member as all tasks contribute to the whole.

Being a part of the team means sharing, helping, teaching and being dependable. At Wolf Architects, we demand punctuality, manners and a general desire to be extensively serviceable to our team members.

Further to this a WOLF team members will always remain positive and resourceful. They are smart and honest enough to know what they don’t know and are not afraid to ask questions and get help. At the same time they don’t expect to be spoon fed and are resourceful enough to advance themselves without needing to wait for others. In other words we never waste time at WOLF ARCHITECTS. Everyone at Wolf Architects shows initiative and is driven by results. Thus a WOLF team member is extremely hard working and focused on the end results rather than going home at 5pm. They are always willing to extend themselves to be better than their best in order to support, maintain and uphold the WOLF Standard.


Architecture is much more than clever conversation. Anyone joining our team is expected to make immediate contribution and this means having useful skills.  Most WOLF team members should have the following skills as a minimum:

  • Hand drawing, sketching and drafting
  • Physical model making
  • Microsoft Office
  • Photoshop
  • SketchUp
  • AutoCAD
  • InDesign or other graphic design software

Other desirable skills include:

  • A mastery of the English language
  • Proficiency in Rhino or 3DS Max for quality renderings
  • Proficiency in Revit or ARCHICAD for 3D documentation
  • Being conversant with IT and computers in general
  • Good photography skills
  • Marketing, management or leadership skills

Further to these, proficiency in the following are highly appreciated within the practice:

  • Car maintenance and care
  • Intricate and careful skillmanship with building furniture and smaller items
  • A certain skill level in playing the synthesizer
  • A background in and appreciation for all things artistic

Note that other hobbies or areas of interest can make a difference. Skills in the Arts and Sciences, or other languages are all useful. The team at WOLF ARCHITECTS is made up of interesting people from vast and diverse backgrounds.

Read more about the WOLF pack and the Director.

Good knowledge.

A career in architecture often equates to a lifetime of constant learning. Your ability to learn fast and adapt to the ways of the WOLF is fundamental to staying in the team. However it is also important that, upon joining, you bring with you a solid foundation from which to build.

While a recent graduate may not have much work experience, if any at all, they can still be judged by their academic track record and final results.

  • Have you taken your studies seriously and made the most of your time at university?
  • How good are you at design?
  • Do you know how to research?
  • Do you have a good basic understanding of Construction?
  • Can you document a building properly?

Would you consider yourself to be a top student of architecture? A top student will be confident in the points stated above.

More experienced candidates should:

  • Have knowledge in how a practice works, including fees, managing client expectations and meetings, and general administration.
  • Have sound knowledge in construction with good attention to detailing, waterproofing and an awareness of costs and time-frames.

If you believe you are someone with the attributes stated above you should proceed by clicking on the following link for current job opportunities at Wolf Architects. Do not proceed if you do not have the attributes we are looking for as you will only be wasting precious time.

2. Current Opportunities at Wolf Architects

Click here to see current opportunities available or you may send through your expression of interest.

3. CV and portfolio 

CV – Your CV should have all relevant work experience and academic qualifications. If you are applying for a design position please include final grades for design and construction subjects at University.

Include personal background and other skills such as languages.

Work experience and references should also be included.

Portfolio – Keep this file to less than 2MB and only showcase your best work rather than everything you have done. Include examples of hand drawings, physical models, computer renderings/ artist’s impressions.

If you have extracurricular activities or hobbies you may also include photographs demonstrating your involvement.

4. Successful candidates may be required to provide additional specific information or answer a questionnaire before being granted an interview.

Successful applicants for stage 3 will be contacted via phone within five working days of application. If you have not been contacted you should assume that your application has not been successful. There is no need to contact us further regarding this matter.

Note that a phone call from WOLF ARCHITECTS does not guarantee progression to an interview and in some cases may in itself be a pre-interview or request for further clarification/information.

However if your CV and portfolio have been reviewed and approved as being suitable you will be contacted via phone and invited for an interview with one of our office managers. You may also be emailed a list of questions to be answered prior to an interview

The interview:

  • Please allow half an hour for your interview.
  • Dress as you would expect to dress normally each day at work.
  • Bring a hard copy portfolio of your work.
  • Bring examples of hand drawings or physical models if possible.
  • Be prepared to answer some very difficult questions.

Note that jobs are rarely offered on the spot. You will be notified of your success after the interview via email.

5. Final review

All successful interviews will proceed to a final review by the Directors.

6. Skill evaluation

All potential employees will be required complete a series of tests relevant to the position that they are applying for, to ensure that they are able to successfully hold the position. After the candidate demonstrates that they have the level of skill that the position requires, a formal offer might then be made.

*Note that anyone joining the practice undergoes a probational period of work.

Current job vacancies.