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Create your own Universe

Treating each day as if it were your last is not an easy task and requires great discipline. You must be fully present in the moment at all times and able to fully express yourself honestly. Such a mindset allows each moment to be perfect. This is both an exhilarating and dangerous concept that requires each individual to carefully find a balance between past, present and future. Tomorrow is not yet and yesterday has gone, so all we have is this present moment. With this in mind, we should avoid seeing perfection as being finite, absolute, or in the future. Tomorrow can be completely different from today and still be a perfect day if we allow ourselves to see it that way. How we view things in life is often just a matter of attitude and that is fortunately something over which we do have control. We, as human beings possess will-power and the ability to achieve whatever state of being we desire through our thoughts. This can be a blessing or a curse, but it’s completely up to us as to which prevails. The quality of our lives is dependent on the quality of our thinking. Now that’s something worth thinking about.

‘Take a moment each day to consider your thoughts’

So when people ask me where I am headed on a personal level, the simple answer is that I am in search of a mindset which is in harmony with the Universe, a state of being that is timeless and at peace. Obviously there may be goals that I set myself and material things which I strive to build or acquire, but these only form props with which I exercise my mind. Every thought and action should be in perfect alignment with what I feel is right in life. Deep down I think we all know what’s right and if we follow our intuition, we can sleep well at night and die without regret.

Taras Wolf

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