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A school that can grow and change with each generation

A graduate of UWC South East Asia in Singapore, our principal architect Taras Wolf was brought up with the ideals of UWC and has in turn incorporated such ideals into his multi cultural architectural practice. At Wolf Architects, it is our mission to enhance lives through carefully considered building designs that promote love, understanding, truth and beauty, as well as respect and responsibility for an environment that sustains and nurtures us. It would be an honour for Wolf Architects to be part of the expansion of UWC and all that I it stands for while incorporating into the UWC ethos the traditions and culture of China. Despite our commercial experience, it is our residential speciality that makes us wholly qualified to take on the school projects. Home and family is where we establish our ideals in life, and we believe that a home designed to nurture family is a microcosm of all greater architecture.

The key to efficient design is to avoid dead spaces and in a Wolf Architects design, even the mundane, such as halls or windows or barriers, become areas for creativity and learning. As shown in the image below, a simple hallway can be transformed into a bright and visual stimulating space that can showcase the talents of students. We could also incorporate space for growing art where students and teachers can comment on or contribute to a sculpture or wall art.


This image also reflects the fluidity and flexibility of spaces as described above. The underground hallway is designed to allow for overflow from confined classrooms and the glass walls allow students to see into other learning spaces. Students can be inspired by one another and will be more aware of their options. This in turn will give them more control and confidence to make better choices. Knowledge represents the past and safety. Curiosity is about the future and risk. Schools must be more than a repository of knowledge, they should seek to stimulate the students curiosity. We would ensure that the architecture is both playful and inspiring to the students, and the village a place that encourages them to explore and learn in every space. To this end, we will aim to design indoor and outdoor environments where students can find peace to study and contemplate without restriction. These environments will blend privacy with the ability to interact with those around you and learn from others while they too are learning. They will encourage creativity, imagination and be safe spaces where students can learn and flourish.