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At WOLF Architects we pride ourselves on high quality of the designs that are universal. WOLF Architects’ designs must therefore translate internationally, making powerful statements in whichever country they are created. It is our mission to bring the most well-conceived, high-end building designs to every sector of the globe.

For over twenty years WOLF Architects headquarters in Melbourne has brought innovation, excellence, and joy through architecture, both locally and abroad. Our diverse, multi-cultural team collectively totals over a hundred years of experience and has allowed us to transcend borders and continents.

Clients who appreciate a truly unique, bespoke, ground-breaking product that can stand firm amongst the world’s best, find confidence in the WOLF brand.

WOLF International clients will require a minimum project construction budget of US$5 Million.

Email us with information on your project.

Please include:

  • Client/ owners name
  • Site address
  • Project description and brief
  • Construction budget
  • Project time frame
  • Services required by Architects

Our overseas communications manager will respond within 24 hours on whether or not we can undertake your project.
Moving forward all overseas projects require a minimum of one initial onsite consultation to establish the project brief and assess feasibility. Two representatives of Wolf Architects including either a Director or senior Associate will travel to inspect the site and consult with the client.

Contact us now and let us begin