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Category I information

Size 300sm to 400sm ( 30- 43 squares)
Build Cost p/sm $3,000 + GST
Time Frame – Design 4 – 6 Months for Building Permit (Town planning not included)
Time Frame – Build 9 -12 Months Construction

Category 1 homes allow those who are more cost conscious with budgets around $1 million. Such homes still gain the benefit of the WOLF brand,  from a quality product that truly enhances living.
New homes that fall into this category are typically small or single story dwellings. While any home that is WOLF designed is expected to be built to high standards, extras such as pools, basements and lifts should not be considered in this category.
The site conditions for a project in this category are typically straight forward, they will be relatively flat and of a regular shape. A lot of thought goes toward getting the most out of every cubic metre while getting maximum mileage out of every dollar spent.
While all WOLF designs seek to stand out with quality and innovation, a project within this category must be realistic in respect to what is achievable. There may be certain limitations due to the set construction budget and selection of materials and finishes must be both economical and good quality.
While the costs are of great focus in category 1 homes, we still ensure that the design respects the brief and provides the end user with the benefits of a WOLF designed home.

Category II Information

Size 400sm to 500sm (43 – 54 squares)
Build Cost p/sm $3,000 – $4,000 + GST
Time Frame – Design 7 – 10 Months for Building Permit (Town planning not included)
Time Frame – Build 12 – 14 Months Construction

WOLF category 2 houses are often architecturally very expressive and inspiring, however they are not about having everything and often require consideration of priorities with respects to quality living.
In this category, it is possible to have a relatively large house if you are willing to forego luxuries like swimming pools, basements, lifts, etc. If those optional extras are important then the client may need to consider reducing the building size or quality of finishes in order to ensure that the overall costs remain under the budget.
The site conditions can be a more complex with irregular shapes or slopes but caution is necessary to ensure that the build form and structure is not overly complex. The look of the building and spaces within should still have character without being over the top or too extreme.
WOLF Architects use tried and approved methods to maintain a balance throughout the project. Material selection for projects in this category are usually considered for their timeless aesthetics and low maintenance qualities.
WOLF category 2 homes represent excellent value for money as a lot can be achieved while still remaining relatively cost conscious.

Category III information

Size 500sm to 800sm (54 – 86 squares)
Build Cost p/sm $4,000 – $5,000 + GST
Time Frame – Design 9 -12 Months for Building Permit (Town planning not included)
Time Frame – Build 12 – 16 Months Construction

WOLF category 3 houses will usually be in affluent locations where there is less risk of over capitalising. Site sizes are large with block sizes starting from around 800 square metres.
In this category our clients understand how good architectural thinking enhances living and appreciate the higher levels of detail in their project. While such projects are not intended to win awards or be published they are more than able to do so.
A WOLF category 3 home should take full advantage of what WOLF Architects can offer as far as creating a dream home high inspires and is architecturally expressive.
All spaces should be generous, light filled and sculptural. These houses really celebrate the lives of the individuals and collections or hobbies are well integrated into the design to form a part of the interior design.
There can also be ample car parking for at least 3 cars, often in a basement with gym or home theatre. Swimming pools and water features are also commonly integrated into the design with generous and detailed landscaping.
The higher construction budget in this category allows for increased energy efficiency to be incorporated into the design, so hydronic or geothermal systems may be considered as a result.

Category IV information

Size 800sm to 1200sm (86 – 130 squares)
Build Cost p/sm $5,000 – $7,000 + GST
Time Frame – Design 11 -14 Months for Building Permit (Town planning not included)
Time Frame – Build 14 – 18 Months Construction

Houses in this category are breathtaking with fine detailing throughout. The site can be unusual or difficult and the land is normally generous in size. The average site will be in excess of 1,000 square metres. At this level, the dollar amount becomes less significant for the construction budget and architectural fees. The focus becomes more about achieving a particular design result and getting what you want without compromise to live in a home that looks and feels exceptional.

Category 4 homes demand a strong architectural statement in keeping with the personality and character of the client.

Many clients in this category will want the architect to handle most aspects of the project, these include even the smallest details such as door handles and light fittings. WOLF Architects may even go so far as to custom design fittings and furniture to suit the project.

WOLF Architects will oversee the project through it’s construction phase, as contract administration services are necessary for such houses in order to maintain the highest levels of build, finish and detailing throughout.

The spaces themselves are all stand alone masterpieces, they are generous in size and filled with light. Such homes often house several cars in a basement, with a gym and/ or home theatre. Swimming pools, water features and outdoor entertainment spaces are all designed with great depth and exquisitely detailed to an exemplar standard.

Category V information

Size 1200sm + (130 squares +)
Build Cost p/sm $9,000. and above + GST
Time Frame – Design Considered case by case
Time Frame – Build 24 Months+ Construction Time

These houses are an extension of the WOLF Luxury category, and are extraordinary, one of a kind masterpieces. While all WOLF projects are unique, houses in this category are essentially one-off creations, that are the result of a no expenses spared approach.
The site can be unusual or difficult with a generous pocket of land. The average size will be in excess of 1000 square metres. As projects in this category are generous and generally indulgent, time frames are generally longer as you can’t put a time or price limit on such results.
For such projects, the architect is expected to be involved in everything – from design phases to overlooking construction and everything in between. Our clients that fall into this category are usually time-poor, and may not even be in the country. Extreme trust and responsibility is placed upon the Architect as they are expected to deliver a finished product that envelopes and lives up to your dream. This is one of the highest challenges to appoint an architect, and it is here at WOLF Architects that we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations.