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It’s about you.

A portfolio of breathtaking projects stems from exceptional clients who are all unique and special in their own ways. A client of Wolf Architects is naturally someone with an appreciation of contemporary design that is beautiful, efficient, sustainable and innovative. Good design enhances lives, generates personal joy and happiness.

A dream home is a significant investment in time, money and emotions. Assurance that your project will turn out the way that you envisioned is important. You want the most value for your investment, with the best design and build quality achievable within your budget. This is a logical, intelligent and common sense principal that must be satisfied.

We believe that all lives can be enriched through architecturally designed buildings and strive to make it an affordable vision for our clients. Such projects can often be the biggest lifetime investment one makes, so it’s natural to have fears. Our clients can be indecisive, anxious or extremely particular, this is expected and our process is designed to accommodate individuality. We offer true customization from the design of a door handle through to the living requirements of beloved pets. What sets us apart is the ability to walk side by side with you, our client, sharing your dreams and concerns throughout the journey. This gives you substantial control and the freedom to express yourself honestly and openly at all times. Your ideals must come first and architects should always empathize and take all client requirements seriously no matter how trivial they may appear initially.

The point of working with good architects is to eliminate 99% of the decisions to remove weight off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the most enjoyable aspects of your project. Experienced architects will coordinate efficiently with consultants, councils, and builders. A good architectural practice will act professionally and assure you at all times that your project is progressing speedily and not solely at the mercy of any individual. Our team approach, with in-house specialists in interior and landscape design, always deliver the right design solutions that are comprehensive and holistic. Most importantly, you need to work with people who genuinely care and will be invested in your dream. Architects that listen and understand how you want to use your property.

Clients choose WOLF Architects because our relentless pursuit of “The WOLF Standard” means that our team never settles for “good enough” or easy pathways. When considering a dream family beach home, mountain retreat or suburban sanctuary we share your ambitions and visions as a part of our own. We want to deliver the best possible results within all the given constraints and more importantly, understand that everyone’s home is important regardless of size, budget, and location. We don’t live in the homes that we design, you do, and therefore we must work towards your definition of happiness.

Our Practice

We believe contemporary architecture must add value by being perfectly functional, respecting context and making positive differences. Our commercial and residential buildings provide a refuge from the stressful world around by harnessing a strong connection with the outdoors and embracing nature’s ability to inspire. With a highly refined design process and an ability to communicate effectively, we produce award-winning projects with a style that is fast becoming recognised as WOLF. Contemporary residential design, whether it be multi-unit developments, high-rise apartment buildings or bespoke beach houses, must be practical, sophisticated, relaxed, and beautiful. Guided by these principles we remain ranked among the best of Melbourne’s architects and experts in the industry.

To be among the best and most reliable architects in Melbourne, it is imperative that we understand our clients’ dreams and realise their vision. Extreme attention to detail combined with genuine passion and care are key to maintaining such high standards. Our landscape, architecture, and interiors are considered simultaneously as equal parts of the whole. Artwork, decoration, furnishings, and views of the landscape are all important components of the complete, balanced design. By offering high-end, bespoke architecture as well as landscape and interior design in an integrated service, WOLF represents exceptional value.


All of our projects are delivered by a team of passionate designers and artists who ensure exceptional service throughout every phase of design and building. It is a team that recognizes enjoyment through the art of living. Each WOLF team member is not only trained at a recognized schools of design but was carefully selected for their attitude and ability to grow as designers.

“We don’t live in the buildings we design… our clients do and no two clients are alike in their lifestyle, family make up, or personality. As such, the homes we design need to respond with flexibility, empathy and long-term vision. Quality, responsibility and client satisfaction are our focus.” – Taras Wolf