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Contemporary Architects & Designs

At WOLF ARCHITECTS, we believe contemporary architecture should respect its context while still making a statement. WOLF designed commercial and residential buildings provide a refuge from the stressful world around by harnessing a strong connection with the outdoors and embracing nature’s ability to inspire. To maintain our reputation as one of the best and most reliable architects in Melbourne, it is imperative that we understand our clients’ dreams and realise their vision. With a highly refined design process and an ability to communicate effectively, we produce award-winning homes with a style that is fast becoming recognised as WOLF. Contemporary residential design, whether it be multi-unit developments, high-rise apartment buildings or bespoke beach houses, must be 100% functional and practical whilst also sophisticated, relaxed, and beautiful. Being guided by these principles ensures we remain ranked amongst the best of Melbourne’s architects and experts in the industry.

At WOLF ARCHITECTS the landscape, architecture and interiors are considered simultaneously as equal parts of the whole. Artwork, decoration, furnishings, and views of the landscape are all important components of the complete, balanced design. Our design solutions engage with the urban environment and the natural context of the land. WOLF interiors afford a luxurious sense of light and space. By offering high-end, bespoke architecture as well as landscape and interior design in an integrated service, WOLF represents exceptional value.

The 5 WOLF points of difference are:

One’s home is sacred and it is a privilege for us to be a part of the process of creating yours. We remind ourselves with every project that we don’t live in the houses we design… you do. And while we always try to make each home wonderful enough that we would want to live in it ourselves, we respect the fact that you have the final say. We will take the time to fully understand your life and living requirements. We expect to spend a lot of time with you exploring ideas and listening to your needs. We also understand that with a busy schedule we have to fit in with your availability. We will be able to meet with you at your home or other places of convenience. We also expect to be available to you after hours and on weekends in order to ensure that the design moves quickly.

Only registered architects can use the title “architect” and “architectural”. Wolf Architects is insured with ArchiTeam and registered with the Architects Registration Board of Victoria. Taras Wolf is an A+ member of the Australian institute of Architects, and also a regular lecturer and teacher of Architecture at the University of Melbourne. The team at WOLF ARCHITECTS have all had a formal design education at a top University and are committed to to ongoing in-house training programs that are designed to keep their design instincts and senses sharp. They are trained to be highly skilled and with regard to design, have what is known in our practice as the “Eye of the Wolf”.

We understand that you require this project to be completed in the shortest time possible. Having much experience with projects and clients in Asia, we have learnt to keep up with fast paced societies and have been able to apply that knowledge locally. A supporting team of highly skilled WOLF designers will be carefully selected to support our principal architects to ensure that your project remains on the fast track. We believe that the only delays should be caused by other consultants, authorities or even the client who may require additional time to make important decisions.

WOLF ARCHITECTS pays attention to the smallest of design details and remains dedicated to projects from the start to beyond completion. We design furniture and even fittings such as lights and water taps. There is no challenge too great or too small for our creative minds. WOLF ARCHITECTS also offers landscape and interior design as an integrated part of our service. A three-in-one service is not common amongst most architectural practices. We are also driven by results. We do not record the length of every phone conversation or charge for every piece of paper. We look at the bigger picture which is all about your dream home. We do limit you or the project’s potential by presenting only one or two options. We show our clients as many as it takes to get the right results.

Taras graduated with 1st class honours from the University of Melbourne. After his studies, he pursued spanning painting and sculpture, interior design, graphic design, property development, and for 15 years, he was one of Australia’s top professional ballroom dancers. He lectured, coached, competed internationally and ran his own dance school. It is his broad ranging background in all things artistic that gives WOLF ARCHITECTS its greatest edge.

He has won awards, worked throughout Asia and is renowned for designing luxury homes. His work has been featured in design magazines internationally and has drawn winning record prices in the streets of Melbourne. For almost a decade, Taras has also taught architecture and design theory subjects at the University of Melbourne. More importantly though, his clear communication with clients helps create their dream home.

Wolf Architects Office

Physical models and pencil drawings are purposefully positioned throughout our office spaces to remind us daily of old school methods. Obviously we also take full advantage of the latest technologies available to us but we remain firm on our belief that the pen is still mightier than software. Our hands are hardwired to the brain and with every pencil stroke our minds become more attuned to our designs. Experience has shown us that this makes for more sensitive architecture.

Taras Wolf Drawing

Having fully understood the brief most WOLF designed homes start with a pencil and blank sheet of paper. It sounds simple but is in fact incredibly hard to do in a day and age where there is an abundance of technology, and information at our disposal. Yet experience has demonstrated that WOLF ARCHITECTS designs are more sensitive because of their old school design methods and approaches. Thus it is with great discipline that all designs begin literally as a blank canvas.

Wolf Architects Working Office

The team members at WOLF ARCHITECTS have been carefully selected for their diverse backgrounds. We consider ourselves to be a team of artists rather than over and above being purely designers. We also embrace our multi-cultural team environment which enhances creativity and our ability to respond to international projects.

Wolf Architects Office Chinese Garden

A contemporary Chinese garden greets you as you arrive and enter through the pedestrian gates. While the garden’s design appears ordered and carefully crafted, it is also playful and engaging. The checkerboard paving arrangement encourages children to play and for visitors to consider their path towards the office. A boardwalk style bridge extends over a dry river bed to the outdoor decking area.

Wolf Architects Office Library

Our head office boasts an impressive library of design books and trade literature that spans over five decades. Within the archives are vast and comprehensive collections of brochures and catalogues of everything from high end electronic equipment to luxury cars and boats. These resources prove invaluable in the research and understanding of high end design. Amongst our archives is one of the most complete collections of Mercedes car books and brochures from the late 1960s to present day as well as one of the world’s best vintage synthesizer brochure collections.

Wolf Architects Office Library Lounge

All WOLF Studio offices have relaxed and friendly environments that induce creativity, inspiration and productivity as a result. Our work spaces often have the same warmth and cosiness you would expect from a well-designed home. This is intentional and we believe that our comfortable studio environments are conducive to productivity and mean that working at WOLF ARCHITECTS can often feel like playing at home.

Our Team

Wolf architects team

 The Design Team

All our team members trained at recognised schools of design and have been carefully selected for their attitude and ability to grow as designers. They also undergo unique WOLF training programs to ensure that their skill levels meet the WOLF standard.

We don’t live in the buildings we design… our clients do and no two clients are alike in their lifestyle, family make up, or personality. As such, the homes we design need to respond with flexibility, empathy and long term vision. Quality, responsibility and client satisfaction are our focus. – Taras Wolf

WOLF ARCHITECTS’ buildings are sustainable, modern, beautiful, and finely crafted in durable materials, requiring minimal maintenance. We design things to last for generations and to be highly valued by clients and the broader community.

Our designs always make a statement and are often described upon first impression as having a significant presence. Inside are private sanctuaries for our clients to express themselves honestly. Private, open spaces with ample hidden storage allow for convenient living. Sliding walls and doors can further open up spaces for greater flexibility, multi-use, and entertaining.

Meet the Wolf Team

Peter Florenini
Peter FloreniniSenior Architect and Supervisor
He brings many years of worldly experience to the practice, and is known for sharing his wide range of knowledge and skills to our younger design… Read more
Kia Achilleos
Kia AchilleosProject Coordinator- Architecture and Interior design
Like most of the Wolf Team, Kia graduated with first class honours. She joined the practice at a time when the practice was expanding from small … Read more
Bin Xu
Bin XuSenior Documentation Consultant
He is competent in a vast array of software and is strong and knowledgeable in documentation. Bin helps to ensure that our designs are translated … Read more
Joe Zly
Joe ZlySenior Architect
Joe is our most senior and experienced architect. With several degrees including architecture, interior design and Urban planning, He is our walking encyclopedia on architecture… Read more
Bo Hu
Bo HuArchitectural Graduate
We First met Bo as a student when he spent some time during his studies working as an intern at WOLF Architects. He liked it so much he returned after graduating from… Read more
Anna Latto
Anna LattoOnline Services
Our in house IT person, Specialising in all of those things that happen online … Read more
Yoon Meng
Yoon MengArchitectural Graduate
Yoon Meng graduated in 2011 with a Master of Architecture from The University of Melbourne. He brings 5 years of… Read more
Martin Wiriyanto
Martin WiriyantoDesign Consultant
Martin first worked for Wolf Architects as an intern during his years as a masters student at the University of Melbourne … Read more
Justin Tan
Justin TanArchitectural Graduate
Justin is an inspired member of the WOLF Architects team, graduating from Melbourne University with a Masters degree in Architecture, and also being a qualified chef… Read more
Michael Liu
Michael LiuOperational Manager Canada
A good friend and former classmate of Mr Wolf shares our passion for quality contemporary design … Read more
Louis Boonsinsukh
Louis BoonsinsukhOperational Manager Thailand
Louis is our main man in Thailand and heads the practices Bangkok studios … Read more
Francesca Black
Francesca BlackCommunications Consultant and Professional Writer
A qualified architect, Francesca has pursued her interest in writing… Read more
Charlotte Strom
Charlotte StromDesign Consultant
She believes that “Architecture is about creating solutions to improve human living, through self-performing buildings, innovative ideas and … Read more
Silvio Barbarian
Silvio BarbarianIT Technician
Silvio has been with Wolf Architects ever since its earliest days and has consulted the practice on all IT related issues… Read more

Meet Taras Wolf

Taras Wolf at work

 “Beauty, love, truth and peace: these are my ideals. Architecture is the instrument by which I seek to achieve these, resulting in an overall feeling – joy! My work is incomplete if it does not deliver joy to its users, regardless of any awards or other recognition. My passion for residential work comes from my belief that family is the medium through which we establish our ideals in life. Just as the family can be seen to be a microcosm of society, so can the home represent a microcosm of architecture. Understanding how to design a home helps me to understand life.”– Taras Wolf.

Heading the design team, Taras Wolf is a man of passion and an influential Melbourne based architect. Having graduated with 1st class honours in architecture from the University of Melbourne, Taras pursued interests including painting, sculpture, interior design, graphic design, property development, and for 15 years, he was one of Australia’s top professional ballroom dancers. He lectured, coached, competed internationally and ran his own dance school. It is his wide ranging artistic interests and expertise that gives WOLF ARCHITECTS its greatest edge as a provider of high quality architecture.

Taras has worked throughout Asia and is renowned for contemporary luxury homes, many of which have won awards and been published both locally and internationally. With WOLF designed houses having sold for record breaking prices in their street, the WOLF brand continues to be highly sought after and offer significant value. He is often invited to share his critical opinion via reviews, lectures and public seminars. For almost a decade Taras has taught architecture and design theory at the University of Melbourne. As a well-known Melbourne architect, he believes it is his duty to uphold not only his reputation, but that of the industry by providing top-quality designs and innovative ideas with first class services.

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