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For many years, we have been fortunate to have designed many contemporary dream homes both in Melbourne, across Australia and abroad, and the experience gained through those unique projects is priceless. Residential architecture in particular comes with a lot of emotional involvement and satisfaction from seeing a direct, positive impact on lives. We, as architects are privileged to be given opportunities to observe and even share the lives of our clients in order to design perfect homes that not only frame their lives but serve as platform for them to expand and enhance their daily experiences. It has taught us to be humble and to appreciate the importance of attention to detail, and maintaining quality in everything we do. Good architecture affects lives positively and that makes our profession meaningful. It’s all about generating happiness and that’s our bottom line. We continue to gain insight into how architecture affects us, as we cement our position in the industry as the “Dream Home” Architects of Australia as well as the most innovative architects in Melbourne.

With a focus on quality exterior and interior design, our work is continually published and nominated for awards in Australia as well as internationally. All of our residential projects have uplifting, inspiring, and innovative qualities that are achieved within realistic time frames and affordable construction budgets. There is a strong focus on using all available space to its full potential and being as energy efficient as possible. Our contemporary style and modern floor plans have unique characteristics that contribute to maintaining our position as leaders in residential design. Whether it is a budget unit development, luxury bespoke customised beach house or multi-level high rise apartment building, we are qualified and experienced enough to deliver results that surpass expectations.

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