Multi-Unit development

Multi-Unit Development by Wolf Architects


Wolf Architects presents a dynamic multi-unit development project that exemplifies urban living with a focus on functionality and affordability. Located in a bustling neighborhood, this project comprises units positioned one behind the other, offering a blend of rental and owner-occupied residences.

Design Concept

The design concept for this multi-unit development caters to diverse living needs within a budget-conscious framework. The units are arranged with the rear units designated for rental purposes, emphasizing robust construction and economical finishes. In contrast, the front units, intended for owner occupation, feature enhanced finishes and amenities to meet higher standards of comfort and style, including a friendly plunge pool.

Community Impact

This project is one of six undertaken by Wolf Architects on the same street, illustrating how good design can inspire and positively impact a community. Each project contributes to the streetscape’s aesthetic appeal while meeting the practical needs of its residents.

Collaboration and Efficiency

This project stands out as a successful collaboration between architect and builder, aimed at achieving quality results within tight budget constraints and strict timelines. The partnership ensured that design aspirations were met without compromising on construction quality or project efficiency.

Regulatory Challenges and Design Innovation

Navigating stringent regulatory guidelines imposed by the council was a significant aspect of this project. The design team worked diligently to comply with these regulations while maximizing the usable space available. Innovative design solutions were implemented to optimize layout efficiency and enhance livability without compromising on regulatory compliance.

Differentiated Living Spaces

The front units feature better finishes and thoughtful design details tailored to meet the needs of owner-occupants, including upgraded materials and enhanced architectural features. In contrast, the rear units prioritize durability and cost-efficiency, ensuring long-term viability for rental purposes.

Practical Considerations

Energy-efficient features, sustainable materials, and efficient use of space were central to the project’s design philosophy. Each unit is designed to maximize natural light and ventilation while incorporating low-maintenance materials to reduce ongoing operational costs and environmental impact.


This multi-unit development by Wolf Architects exemplifies our commitment to innovative design, practicality, and collaboration. By addressing diverse residential needs within a cohesive architectural framework, we have created a community that balances affordability with quality living. The continuity of projects along the same street showcases how thoughtful design can elevate urban living standards and foster community pride.

Project Information

Size: 50 Squares (464.51 Square Meters)
4 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
2 Car Spaces