Town House

Townhouse Development by Wolf Architects


Wolf Architects presents an exceptional townhouse development project that redefines urban living with a focus on affordable luxury. Situated in a vibrant neighborhood, this project combines spacious design with high-end features typically associated with upscale residences.

Design Concept

The design of this townhouse development emphasizes luxurious living while maintaining affordability. Each unit consists of two side-by-side townhouses, providing ample space and privacy for residents. The inclusion of double-enclosed garages ensures convenient parking and storage, enhancing the practicality and security of the homes.

Timeless Aesthetic

The overall look of the townhouse development is understated, elegant, and timeless. White rendered finishes dominate the exterior, creating a sense of sophistication and classic appeal. This design approach aims to ensure that the development remains visually appealing and relevant for years to come.

Rooftop Entertaining Deck

A notable feature of this development is the rooftop entertaining deck space. Designed for communal use, these rooftop areas offer residents panoramic views of the surrounding area and provide an ideal setting for social gatherings and relaxation.

Low Maintenance and Sustainable Design

Incorporating sustainable practices, all external timbers used in the development are engineered boards with self-cleaning properties and UV resistance. This choice not only minimizes maintenance needs but also ensures the longevity and aesthetic appeal of the external facades, contributing to a sustainable living environment.

Practical Considerations

Beyond luxury and sustainability, practicality remains central to the design philosophy. Energy-efficient features, thoughtful landscaping, and communal spaces promote a balanced lifestyle, fostering a sense of community among residents while offering quiet retreats within each unit.

Community Integration

The townhouse development integrates seamlessly into the neighborhood fabric, with landscaped common areas and pedestrian-friendly pathways that encourage social interaction and outdoor activities. This cohesive design enhances the quality of life for residents and promotes a vibrant urban community.


This townhouse development by Wolf Architects exemplifies our commitment to innovative design and inclusive luxury within an affordable framework. By combining spacious layouts, high-end finishes, sustainable design features, and a timeless aesthetic with white rendered finishes, we have created a residential environment that exceeds expectations. This project sets a new standard for urban living, offering residents both comfort and elegance in a dynamic urban setting.

Project Information

Size: 50 Squares (464.51 Square Meters)
4 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
2 Car Spaces