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“Best Architect” is a subjective concept, and depends upon the perspective of what is best architecture? At WOLF Architects we believe in best practice and that this naturally translates into our best work. From understanding that we are all unique, we have developed three categories of service called FLOW, GLOW & HALO. From budget conscious clients to those who refuse to compromise, this range includes both affordable housing and customised high-end dream home architectural designs for Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane. Our clients benefit from complete customised end to end architectural services they recognise as key to ranking among the best architects in Australia. This involves Innovative Contemporary Architecture, Luxurious Modern Interior Design, Holistic & Zen Landscape Architecture.

If you want to work with the best architects in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, you need to consider what is best architectural practice. A quality modern house requires more than having the best architect achieve award winning architectural designs. Such luxury homes, whether a new build, renovation or extension should also be an intelligent expression of its occupants. WOLF Architects deliver this through experienced architects, interior designers & artists collaborating from the onset to deliver customised uniqueness, originality and innovation. The WOLF Architectural style also has focus on character and personality, with no two projects ever the same.

How much it costs to renovate or build the best architecturally designed home?

WOLF Architects can deliver modern designs at a wide range of price points. Explore our contemporary FLOW, GLOW and HALO homes for average construction prices. Contact us now for a complimentary consult with a WOLF Architect on (03) 9807 1586.

Our clients consider us the best residential architects in Melbourne, Australia.
Architectural practices often claim to deliver the best architectural services with the best architects. Many emphasize passive house design, or being energy efficient, green & sustainable. At WOLF Architects these form the basics of good architectural practice and are a given. Unfortunately a truly exceptional contemporary house design requires more than best architectural practice. It comes down to residential design intelligence and the creative artistry of the individuals working on your dream home. WOLF Architects have cultivated such vital ingredients for over twenty years, expressing architecture as a practical artform, that adds value and enhances living. A beautiful modern WOLF home is always unique and inspiring, because it is built as a sculptural work of art conceived from a blank canvas. This is then tested against our IDM process to ensure absolute practicality.

IDM demands economically viable architecture that respects the owner/developer, end-users, and both environmental and market contexts. A successful commercial or residential development will affect lives positively while yielding profits. Throughout Australia, and Asia our contemporary architecture continues to inspire and remain award winning. IDM also results in happier occupants that are more vibrant and productive. Contact us to learn more about our unique processes and why investing in quality architecture is economically sensible.

Contemporary Residential Design Innovators
Contemporary architectural design is beneficial at every level from heritage renovations and extensions to state of the art high-end houses and luxury mansions. Wolf Architects are registered in multiple states across Australia including QLD, NSW and VIC, with a mission to deliver the best architecturally designed homes. Our dream home specialists achieve maximum value with financial investments, space efficiency and quality living. Interior and landscaping considerations are an integral part of our service and done in-house from the onset. This all-in-one approach is called Intelligent Design Management (IDM), and translates into uncompromising design integrity, efficiency, longevity and a vast array of customized house design details that enhance living. IDM is a systematic and coherent approach to contemporary architecture with economically viable concepts that represent exceptional value for your investment.

Contact us to learn more about WOLF Architects IDM and its value to your project.

Luxurious Celebrity & Dream Home Designs.

Every house at WOLF Architects is a dream or celebrity home to it’s occupants because each is conceived as a unique one off masterpiece. Customers who demand architectural excellence that is very unique or specific understand that it’s about trust, transparency and value. Whether a project is worth $1 or $20 Million it must be worth every cent of that investment and our Intelligent Design Management process (IDM), provides that assurance. In 2016 WOLF Architects became the residential architects of choice for Australian celebrity Janine Allis. Among the many restraints of her project were difficult site conditions, stringent regulatory requirements, strict budgets and tight deadlines. With IDM, the WOLF team overcame all challenges to create a luxurious contemporary residence that is both modern and timeless. WOLF architects are renown for balancing creativity and logic for a prefect blend of artistry and practicality. When combined with an attitude of perseverance, the final dream home surpassed all expectations.

In Janine’s own words: “WOLF Architects created an extraordinary home that really captured the feel I was after”.

Australian Award Winning Architects

WOLF ARCHITECTS is a multi award-winning international architectural practice specializing in both contemporary residential architecture, interior design and landscape design. Our highly experienced team of architects and interior designers are based in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Australia. Our beautiful yet functional designs have featured in both international and Australian books, magazines and television programs. Many WOLF houses have been awarded Best Custom Design House in Victoria by the Housing Industry Association, Australia’s largest residential building organisation.

The WOLF style is about having character, personality with a story to tell.

High-End Modern Architecture
We are an Australian based practice servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and international cities world wide. Working with WOLF Architects is not just about collaborating with a top Australian design firm, but also about attaining a benchmark on an international level. The opportunity to deliver a diverse array of designs on different continents enriches our practice and continues to inform our work. Clients benefit from a multicultural team of commercial and residential architects with worldly knowledge and experience.

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