10,000 Followers and one WOLF

Wolf Architects continue to influence the environment with Beautiful homes. On Instagram we have over 10,000 followers with new original posts daily. It was on the 21st of January 2014 that we started to post on Instagram. After 8 years and 678 posts we finally cracked the 10K mark.  While not necessarily the largest amount out there, it is in keeping with the firms focus on quality over quantity. We wish to thank all those over the years who have found us online and chosen to follow us either through Instagram or Facebook. Many of you have joined us as either clients or team members, which is truly a remarkable thing about how we are connected and entwined with the internet and our mobile devices.
Our WOLF Architects Instagram page focuses predominantly on original WOLF designs with all original and exclusive imagery and photography. It also seeks to showcase a balance between architectural, interior and landscape designs. Having these three disciplines done in-house has been the foundation of our Intelligent Design Management system (IDM). IDM believes in holistic and harmonious designs that add value at every level from the user to the environment. Even long term maintenance and resale values are considered.
If you’re not already a follower, please have a visit to explore the many dimensions of WOLF architects on Instagram. From custom designed furniture to modern castles, we are dream home specialists with a vision to be the foremost innovators of contemporary residential architecture.

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