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Vutu – Made For Sharing!

Last week at WOLF Architects we had our staff meeting catered by Vutu Nepalese and boy was it tasty! Once again our team was very impressed by the quality of the food and the abundance of flavours in each dish. In the words of Mr Wolf, it was safe to say that we were all “Stuffed!” following our meeting and the delicious lunch.

For those of you who don’t already know, Vutu headquarters in Caulfield North was designed by the team at WOLF Architects and following the grand opening the restaurant has been doing very well. WOLF too began as a small business and with much success has come the growth of the practice to WOLF Architects as it is today. We appreciate the value of small businesses alike and try to make an effort to support their growth and success, particularly those who have helped support us. We very much enjoyed working with our clients on the design of the Vutu Nepalese restaurant and we are grateful for their support thus we enjoy visiting their restaurant, referring our friends and more recently having their team cater our office meetings. You can show your support too by visiting their restaurant, ordering online or following them on Social Media.