Custard Chronicles: A Sweet Saga of Whimsy and Sincerity

In the annals of Wolf Architects’ history, there exists a tale woven with threads of custard-filled delight and a touch of earnest preference. It begins in the bustling streets of Bangkok in the early 1970s, where the Wolf family first encountered the heavenly indulgence of custard eclairs. Through the generations, this love affair with delicate choux pastry and luscious custard endured, becoming a cherished tradition that transcended continents and cultures.

As Wolf Architects ventured into the Australian landscape in the early 2000s, the hunt for the perfect custard eclair became an integral part of office culture. Weekly supplies from a local bakery in Springvale satisfied cravings and fostered a sense of camaraderie among staff and clients alike. However, as delicious as these eclairs were, they were not without their quirks. While the Springvale eclairs were undeniably delicious, their slightly oversized nature necessitated two mouthfuls and often made a mess.

The quest for eclairs took a comical turn in 2019 when a new supplier was enlisted to fulfill the insatiable appetite for these sweet treats. Things started promisingly enough, with mountains of eclairs gracing the office tables once again. However, a hilarious misunderstanding soon ensued, centered around the innocuous question of delivery and freshness.

In a moment of earnest preference, a member of the Wolf Architects team remarked, “We’d prefer them straight from the oven into our mouths!” Little did they anticipate the supplier’s reaction. What was intended as a sincere statement was misconstrued as a ludicrous demand, prompting the supplier to retreat into radio silence.

Attempts to reach out were met with stony silence, as if the mere mention of piping-hot eclairs was an affront to bakery sensibilities. Voicemails went unanswered, and emails disappeared into the digital abyss. It seemed that the supplier, perhaps fearing the onset of an eclair uprising, had chosen to barricade themselves against the relentless tide of eclair enthusiasts.

For a brief period, the halls of Wolf Architects echoed with the lamentations of eclair-deprived souls. Yet, as with all great sagas, this tale has a silver lining. Through perseverance and unwavering determination, a new supplier was unearthed, one willing to embrace the sincere desires of custard connoisseurs.

And so, the river of custard flows once more, filling the hearts and bellies of Wolf Architects with unbridled joy. As we reflect on this sweet saga, let us not forget the valuable lesson learned: when it comes to eclairs, sincerity can sometimes be the icing on the cake (or the custard in the eclair).

Join us in celebrating the triumph of the custard eclair, and may our quest for sweetness continue unabated, fueled by laughter and the occasional misadventure.


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