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Last week we said goodbye to our interns as their stay with us once again came to an end. Back in 2014 the pair from Thailand did their first internship with WOLF Architects and they enjoyed learning and working within our team so much that they just couldn’t wait to return! This year as part of their studies, Porpo and Golf came back and undertook an intense program testing the skills they have learnt throughout their studies thus far. The students attend the best design school in Chiang Mai and are amongst the best of their class. Following their first visit with WOLF Architects both students went on to win design awards back home over the following year, again proving their exceptional design skills.

Now in their final year of their architectural training, Porpo and Golf were able to put their skills to the test with supervised industry experience during their time at WOLF Architects.  Over the past two months they have worked on a range of tasks from research to model making, to assisting with design, meetings, site visits and much more. It was such a pleasure to provide the students with an opportunity to develop their skills with real life experience and we appreciate all of the hard work and effort they put in on a daily basis.

Internships at WOLF Architects are only offered to the best and most hard working students and graduates whom we feel have what it takes to really benefit from the experience within our team.  In order to uphold the WOLF Standard we are very selective of our staff and interns, we have a strict selection procedure of which sets the bar high. Porpo and Golf proved in their first internship that they have what it takes thus they were successful again the second time round. If you think you have what it takes to be part of our team or would like to apply for an internship follow the steps below: