S House

Renown for creating stunning homes throughout Australia, WOLF Architects were challenged to design the best house in the entire country. The mandate was simple- “Go for it, and create your best work…….blow us away!”. The site is a on hill in rural farmlands with excellent aspects to natural reserves and waterways. Wolf Architects approached the project with two teams of experienced designers. One to develop a layout and program to meet the clients requirements, and a second team that explored form before function. The two teams collaborated and coordinated frequently to create an organic shaped building that in the clients words were “Breathtaking and exquisite”. Further to being the best in the land this is a home that is one with the land. Garden roof spaces flow, and merge with the surrounding such that from a distance this house appears as if it were a part of the hill. Organic lines blend and merge seamlessly with one another for truly unique architectural experience.