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A picture tells a thousand words.

Social media platforms like Facebook, linkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat have us chasing a never ending stream of information. With the act of sending out our weekly newsletter and blog, we too are guilty of trying to capture the attention of our audience in an increasingly competitive sector.

With this there is also a true value in picture sharing in our industry that we cannot deny. The power of “a picture tells a thousand words” is very real in the world of architecture and interior design. We are constantly finding ever more efficient and direct means to gain insight into our clients ideas so that we can extrapolate them into lines drawn on paper. Those lines will then take shape as pictures and finally be built into wood, brick and concrete. Housing all of the dreams our clients once held in their minds in an actualisation that they can live within.

The process of transforming visions into reality can appear dry, dull, slow and tedious when only considering a black and white floor plan. We raise the bar and interest level by providing our clients with a visualisation of their project through computer generated artist impressions. It is the combination of our practical skills with the imagination of our clients that is artistic.

In the past a client would produce a scrapbook full of pages torn out from books, or carefully snipped design ideas from magazines, now the power of online sharing has allowed idea boards to be created in Pinterest or post shares to be made on Facebook. The good old scrap book still appears occasionally on our desk, however the time poor, high demand world that our clients live and work in generally means that sharing ideas through social media is more efficient. The risk of this is that the options are endless, and the ideas can come fast and frequently, leading to an element of confusion as the clutter gathers. Our job is to provide clarity to the vision and seek to bring a flow into the home we are designing allowing for a seamless visual and functional experience.

The pictorial information flow in our business moves in two ways. We receive information through picture sharing from our clients and we provide them with pictures in the form of artist impressions, 3D models and floor plans, as a form of communication and visualisation for our clients.
The power of a picture is endless for architects in both client communication and in building a series of spaces, interlocked and intertwined in harmony, to bring a dream to reality.