Tiny Christmas Villages

Wolf Christmas villages continue to grow across the globe.
For many years it has been a tradition for Mr Wolf to build a limited series of small wooden dwellings in time for the Christmas occasion. A suitable piece of wood is selected (often a recycled off-cut found in storage), from which a few dozen small pieces are cut, shaped and painted into what we call a Wolf Christmas house. Each piece is cut by hand and painted by eye without any measuring or preconceived design intent. This makes each individual house unique, with no two ever being the same. While the buildings scale and timbers can often be similar, one main factor of difference is the roof colour which identifies the year of make. For this year’s production run the colour of choice is cottage green.
Various families around the World have been privileged to own at least one house from each year. They will be eagerly awaiting their new addition and we like knowing that what started as one house, became two, three, four, etc.. and is slowly turning into a small village. It is our vision to have at least one Wolf Christmas village on every continent and perhaps one day these villages might even turn into cities.

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