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Many artists like their work to remain open to interpretation and can be reluctant to provide a narrative that confines their creative intent. Architects are often asked to describe their projects whether it be for publications or an award nomination.
We speak of the brief; challenges around the context; choice of materials and special features. Concepts that define a successful building include budget and “bang for your buck” as the scientific aspect of architecture, whilst the experience of a building physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally forms the artistic aspect of our craft. It separates the great from the good.
At the time of WOLF’s establishment, a blank canvas was hung on the main wall of our first studio. It remains there today as inspiration that every WOLF project will start with a clear and open mind to create original work. Innovative leaders look forwards and not back –

borrowing, cutting, and pasting from the past does not create an inspiring future.

The artistic flair or “X factor” cannot be turned on with a switch. There is a process that is undertaken individually and collectively within our practice. It starts with consciously listening to the client and envisioning their version of joy. We consider daily acts of living to transform a home into a stage upon which simply acts of life can become enjoyable daily rituals. We do not underestimate ourselves, or our clients when seeking the artistic flair. We are conscious of those that surround us and encourage team members to explore artistic avenues outside of work.
Design is about making the effort to create a positive effect. More common decisions such as what we wear to what we cook, can all be expressions of design. From there we may explore other artistic/creative avenues such as photography, painting, dance or writing. It’s a way of thinking that stretches the mind, and this translates into making more than just a functional space. Visually a good design should move you, at WOLF Architects we rely on the “Eye of the WOLF” to establish that balanced point between visual beauty and emotional reaction.  Years of passionate work that exceeds not only our clients but our own expectations have driven us forward as innovative and creative Australian architects. We don’t claim our work to be the best or most beautiful, but it is always balanced and with that comes timelessness. We see each project as a one-off masterpiece that ages gracefully into a contemporary classic.



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