Design Craft

Wolf Architects is a name that represents excellence and that reputation permeates through everything from the quality of concept drawings to the finished built product. As an award winning International practice, Wolf Architects are not only experts but also a highly valued opinion in the industry. Thus, the choice to work with Architects is about having a brand that provides peace of mind.

The practice is committed to thinking expansively and always pushing its 3 founding principles – Combining Great Design Craft with Genuine Quality Service while always being Innovative.



A dream build may only come once in a lifetime, and such an opportunity should be taken with utmost care and sensitivity. A quality architectural project requires residential or commercial architects with genuine experience, passion and creative insight to help realize your dream. Wolf Architects believe in the integrity and longevity of good design well knowing that it brings happiness into people’s lives. The practices design approaches and methods stem from an attitude of genuine care for both the work and the client. All projects benefit from a team of passionate designers and artists who ensure exceptional service throughout every phase of design and long after. Working with Wolf Architects means working with interesting people, who stand out from the crowd because they don’t think only like architects, but as people who enjoy the art of living. They understand that all projects, sites and briefs are unique and the client is often encouraged to be involved throughout the process. This makes the journey towards realizing a dream build both transparent and enjoyable.

The WOLF Brand

The WOLF brand demands excellence and peace of mind through 3 founding principles – Design Craft, Genuine Quality Service and Considered Innovation.

Design Craft- Good design is the foundation and core of the practice. It is fundamental in creating something as intimate as your own home. The simple joy of living or working in a space that positively enhances your life is priceless.

Genuine Quality Service- The practices commitment towards “Getting it right”, ensures that the team is committed to meeting or surpassing client expectations. The WOLF team are all about genuine care which is an essential attitude within the practice as there are no shortcuts to creating exceptional architectural works.

Considered Innovation- Wolf Architects work is always unique and a result of its commitment to innovation with each and every design. This ensures the practices position as leaders in the industry. Innovation however is not always about inventing something new but often just be about common sense and realizing work that is honest and authentic.

An International Practice

Clients who want a dream residential or commercial project often demand the experience and expertise of the best architects in Melbourne. Working with Wolf Architects is not just about creating designs by Melbourne’s best architects but also about attaining a standard that stands firm at an International level. Design studio offices in Asia and North America connects the practice to share design and cultural ideas where appropriate. They can for example build into a design cultural principles such as Feng Shui.

International projects result in an architectural practice with a diverse background. Clients benefit from a multicultural team of commercial and residential architects with worldly knowledge and experience.

Award Wining Architects

WOLF ARCHITECTS is an award winning international practice with its headquarters based in Melbourne, Australia. Its mission is to enhance lives through carefully considered building design with a responsibility to the environment as well as the end users. From small low cost houses to high rise commercial and high end multi-level residential projects, the practice aims to surpass client expectations.

Every project whether local or abroad is designed to reflect and enrich the lives of its users. The beautiful yet functional designs have featured in both international and Melbourne magazines and television programs. The practice only works with the best in Melbourne and many of their show houses have been awarded best custom design house in Victoria by the Housing Industry Association, Australia’s largest residential building organisation.