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Christmas Wolf Houses make their way each year to homes around the globe as a tradition of ours. It is a tactile reminder of our connection to the wider world and the gratitude for our friends and family. Vancouver, Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand are some of homes these will end up in. Whilst within Australia, they find spots in homes throughout Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

This year we use our tradition to reflect on the year that is 2020.

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Character. Worn. Small. Old. Red. Pairs

The Character of these weathered looking homes unite our global experience of Covid-19.
Worn but beautiful is expressed in the rough wood representing the tedious nature of lock downs yet the beauty of reuniting and connecting loved ones.
Small houses this year compared to previous, symbolises the contraction many families may have experienced through loss of loved ones, livelihoods and freedom.
We have used old wood to represent our elderly and their vulnerability during this pandemic.
The red and white paint pays tribute the to medical community and scientists working hard. While the lack of varnish allows us to recognise the raw reality of 2020.
Homes will be sent in pairs to express our hope to an end of loneliness and isolation.

2020 will be dissected and reviewed by the media and history for time to come. At Wolf we seek as ever, to invest in the longevity of time and relationships.
There is no quick result when designing a dream home.