2B – Architects Are Cool

Most young boys just want to have fun and be cool and Taras Wolf was no exception. The first Architect Taras remembers was the one his parents had commissioned to design their new home when he was around 7 or 8. This particular architect just happened to be extremely skilful and artistic. He had the ability to draw seemingly anything and Taras took every opportunity to challenge him to draw. From tanks to tigers that architect delivered on every challenge. Furthermore there was the vast array of interesting and unique apparel and equipment that came with being an architect. From tracing paper to stencils and electro sets there were so many drawing tools to discover. Even the furniture was different with unique drafting tables, chairs, lamps and light boxes. It was a wondrous world for someone who loved to communicate through drawings. It had nothing to do with buildings, architects were just cool and our Young Mr Wolf was truly inspired.

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