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40 years ago

Wolf Architects 40 years ago! Can it really be that Wolf Architects existed 40 years ago? Whilst technically no, Taras Wolf was already well exposed to the industry through his father’s [...]

40 years ago2018-09-05T13:37:40+10:00

Teaching and Mentoring

Balancing learning with fun. While I have never considered myself a teacher first and foremost or intended to focus on it as a career choice, teaching has featured significantly in my [...]

Teaching and Mentoring2022-05-18T10:08:55+10:00

WOLF house turns five

5 Years of WOLF house. This week marks the 5th anniversary of the completion of the WOLF HOUSE. While Wolf Architects was already a well-established brand for residential work it was the WOLF [...]

WOLF house turns five2018-09-05T13:11:53+10:00

9B – The Dancing Architect

As a more vibrant member of the team Taras introduced Friday afternoon dancing classes to the architectural practice. After watching strictly ballroom in 1992 Taras became very passionate about Latin American Ballroom [...]

9B – The Dancing Architect2018-01-12T12:15:10+11:00