9B – The Dancing Architect

After watching strictly ballroom in 1992 Taras became very passionate about Latin American Ballroom dancing. It was in many ways a release from a life which until that point was obsessed with architecture. Architectural education is well known for being very consuming and with Taras’s burning desire to be an architect since the age of 8 he was by that point well burnt out!
In an attempt to bring some balance into his life he saw dancing as an opportunity to engage in something that was creative, musical, athletic and social all at the same time. Further to that he was actually quite gifted with a lot of natural ability. He outgrew his teachers one by one and was very popular around all the social dancing clubs of Melbourne.
Ironically in trying to find some balance to architecture he ended up tipping the scales completely in the other direction. Within a few years he had climbed the ranks as an amateur competitor to be a professional competing at the highest levels. Representing his country he travelled the world competing in all the major Championships.
It was an exciting career with the highlight being on the completion of his own dance school called INNERTIME. INNERTIME was recognized as being the most beautiful dance school on the planet and probably the only architecturally designed dance school on the planet. The school was the perfect launching pad from which he would go on to be the undefeated South East Asian Champion. It would also be the beginning of a rich and rewarding career as a dance instructor and coach to thousands of students worldwide.

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