5B – A Broad background in all things artistic aids design.

Craftsmanship alone does not create good architecture. One must have a sense of design and this is not something easily taught in school. A keen sense of design often comes from within and in Taras Wolf’s case a lot of experimentation and exploration with trial and error.
The good thing about being good at something is you can buy yourself more time to do other things. Taras found his University studies to be relatively breezy and this gave him the time and drive to find other outlets for his creativity. Thus he explored graphic design, music, dance, photography, painting and sculpture; all of which were done on his own initiative and were not part of the university program.  Ballroom dancing in particular became a favourite pass time for our budding young architect, so much so that it became a 15 year distraction, but we can talk more about that at another time.
While at that time all these extracurricular activities were probably a result of trying to relieve some boredom, they were in hind sight a great aid to his design senses. Understanding the other fine arts and fields of creativity gave him a broader sense of what design meant. A greater sense of balance and perspective was not only helpful in life but in his architectural designs.
Today we encourage our designers at Wolf Architects to live a balanced life. While they should be passionate about design it should not consume them. Seek out other activities that may be more social and creative.


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