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Collaboration with Crown Door Automation

The concrete paving used in this landscaping was recycled from the original driveway! By setting it within grass it was given new life. We are always keen to save on costs and embodied energy. A car in the house… How does it get in and where are the doors? That was the brief, and Wolf Architects chose Crown Door automation to create a series of seamless sliding door systems that enabled clear views, vistas and access within and beyond the house. With a combination of both manual and automated glass doors the experience is almost magical. The manual doors are in essence an operable glass wall. The automated doors slide effortlessly behind a wall of books, and clever design detailing has concealed all the mechanical components while still making them accessible for servicing. While the brief was challenging the team at Crown Door Automation were ultimately able to deliver. Working with like minded and passionate people is key to successful Wolf Architecture.