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Imagine and Transform

Imagine and Transform Imagine coming home and driving into this sanctuary. It represents the WOLF standard of luxury, flexibility, comfort and functionality, all rolled into this one space. This garage has [...]

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WOLF Automobile Design

WOLF Automotive Designs Wolf Architects has been recognized as a leader in design innovation, detail and beauty by Thailand’s oldest car distributor -Thaiyarnyon Co. Ltd. Now in its 70th year, [...]

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Mercedes Enthusiast

Mercedes Enthusiast Magazine Issue 159 features Taras Wolf's classic car collection. The four page spread marks his fourth publication to date and outlines the passion he holds for his classic cars and their history and [...]

Mercedes Enthusiast2017-03-29T03:24:35+11:00

Unique Cars Issue 309

Unique Cars Magazine featured Taras Wolf's 1968 Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda. The article talks about the history behind his love for classic cars and where his dream to own his very own 280SL Pagoda began. Click here to read [...]

Unique Cars Issue 3092018-08-03T18:20:46+10:00