WOLF Automobile Design

Wolf Architects has been recognized as a leader in design innovation, detail and beauty by Thailand’s oldest car distributor -Thaiyarnyon Co. Ltd. Now in its 70th year, Thaiyarnyon is not only the regions oldest automobile company but was awarded the Royal Garuda Certificate in 1973 by the King, an extremely rare and most esteemed accolade for any business. The company has a history of being officially affiliated with many luxury car brands including BMW and Audi. Presently it holds the license for Volkswagen and is keen to set new standards in luxury interiors.
In 2019 Wolf Architects recently visited the factory in Bangkok and was been briefed by the local team of designers and engineers. The company has a strong long term vision for their brand and involvement with WOLF. This collaboration begins by bringing our expertise in interior space comfort, ambiance and elegance to the companies highly popular vans.
Our team approached this project by defining who the consumer was and how they wanted to feel. We also studied and drew upon the incredible history of both VW and Thaiyarnyon. One advantage of working with architects such as WOLF Architects is the understanding of line work, symmetry and balance. An overall networking of geometric lines and shapes help to harmonize the overall feel of the spaces with order and discipline.
In response to this we came up with a classic range, a sports range and an elegance range.
In March 2020 the preliminary concepts were presented by team leader Louis, our Bangkok representative in a power point presentation that was communicated in multiple languages. Praise and positivity was received with rewards for our open minded, artistic interiors team that sat most comfortably in an alternative lane. It is the variety of life and work experiences that give our designers an edge.


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